March 16, 2020


From Sevier County Commission, Sevier County Sheriff’s Office, Sevier County Emergency Management, Sevier County Emergency Medical Services.


 We wanted to let you know Sevier County is doing well and our offices are open and continuing to serve. We are working together with Central Utah Public Health to coordinate the efforts within the County in preparing for COVID19 exposure. We encourage you to stay calm and follow good hygiene practices and responsible social distancing.

At this time there are no confirmed COVID19 cases in the County. We are actively monitoring for potential cases and exposures. Sevier County does have an emergency operation plan in place, and we prepared to implement the plan. This plan has been developed through several resources including the Local Emergency Planning Committee, state, and federal resources.

During this time, we are taking extra precautions you may want to be aware of. Our first responders will be taking extra precautions when responding to calls for service. We may wait outside your home depending on the nature of the call. We may also ask you to step outside to visit with us. Don’t be surprised if we take other precautions for each other’s health. All our offices are still open; however, we may temporarily suspend certain non-critical services to limit possible exposure. Please check our social media pages for up to date information on services that are affected.

We are asking you to do your part in limiting exposure to those who may be at risk. Please check on your neighbors. If you are not feeling well or have symptoms, please stay home and contact a medical professional before walking into a hospital or clinic and exposing patrons. Do not panic, for most the symptoms are mild and temporary. We also want you to be aware the schools are currently closed and there may be youth outside, please be watching for them at crosswalks and intersections.

For further information please visit This website is a coordinated effort between the health departments of the state and the Utah Division of Emergency Management. This has current and good reliable information. For social media and up to date information from the County and county agencies, please find us at “Sevier County Utah”, “Sevier County Sheriff’s Office”, “Sevier County, Utah, Emergency Management”, “Sevier County, Utah EMS” on all the major social media pages. We also encourage you to also follow “Utah Division of Emergency Management” as well.  For county-wide, or any other local emergency notification we will also use CodeRed. To sign up for CodeRed please text “trailcountryalerts” to 99411 and you will be able to sign up.

We want to thank you for all you do to make Sevier County the best place to live. By staying vigilant and calm, we will be able to work though this and any other challenge we may face.