Commercial & Residential Project Requirements

Requirements & Submission Process
  1. Submit two sets of plans to the Sevier County Building Department for review at least two weeks prior to the date you want to start the project. Our office is located at:
    250 N. Main St.
    Suite 131
    Richfield, UT 84701
  2. If you are building within county limits, you must have a signature sheet completed to turn in with your building permit. This sheet needs the signatures of authorized Utah Power and Light personnel, authorized Utah Division of Water Rights personnel, and Central Utah Public Health Department personnel. (The signatures of the building inspector and zoning administrator will be provided by our office if permitted.)  *The Central Utah Public Health Department will require you to purchase a septic tank permit, or show proof that you can hook up to an existing sewer system. *The Utah Division of Water rights will show us proof that you have an approved source of water (such as a well or other source). *If building a new home, the Road Encroachment and Addressing Signature Sheet is required as well.
  3. The application plans, specifications, and other data filed by an applicant for a permit shall be reviewed by the building official. Such plans may be reviewed by other departments of this jurisdiction to verify compliance with any applicable laws under our jurisdiction. If it is determined that the work described in an application for a permit and the plans, specifications, and other data filed therewith conform to the requirements of the International Building Code and other laws and ordinances and the fees have been paid, the building official shall issue a permit therefore to the applicant.
Downloadable Forms
Building Permit
Signature Sheet
Road Encroachment and Addressing Signature Sheet (for new home construction, both signature sheets are required)
Owner Builder

Note: For requirements on farm structures, contact Building Inspector Jason Mackelprang at (435) 893-0420.