Building Plans

Note: The below requirements may not be all-inclusive of the requirements for submitting plans. For questions or concerns, please contact the building inspector at (435) 893-0420.

Building plans for new homes and commercial buildings must be drawn to scale, and contain the following drawings and information:
  • Basement plan showing footing and foundation; room designations; dimensions; all walls; beams, headers, lintics, and girder sizes; bearing walls; water heater and furnace; floor drains and plumbing; floor framing information; and other relevant information
  • Exterior elevation showing exterior views, walls, finishes, doors, windows, grades, structure below grade, and other similar views
  • Fireplace cross section (details and front views)
  • Floor framing and detail plan
  • Heat loss calculations
  • Main floor and stories plan showing dimensions; room designations; window and door sizes and locations; all walls, beams, headers, lintics, and girder sizes; roof and floor framing information; kitchen and cabinet layout; appliance and equipment locations; electrical outlets and panel and service locations; smoke detectors; and other relevant information
  • Plot plan drawn on a piece of paper at least 8.5 by 11 inches in size showing property setbacks, accessory buildings, power lines, water lines, sewer lines, and other related information (topographical information showing contour, slope, and other similar items is also required)
  • Roof and truss engineering - Truss engineering sheets must be submitted with the plan prior to having the building permit issued; this engineering data must state design loads, the customer name, supplier's name, and engineer's name and stamp along with current date engineering
  • Roof framing and detail plan
  • Specifications  - the type of materials used must be itemized or noted on the plans; the type of joist, plates, studs, concrete, rebar, the manufacturer or products, roofing, and other relevant information
  • Stair detail section
  • Wall cross sections showing stair layout, foundation section and footing, rebar placement, insulation depth and type, roofing, blocking, joist, trusses, and other relevant information
  • Window, door, hardware, and header schedules

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