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Candidates / Disclosure Reports
2017 Election Information for the November 7, 2017 General Election
Candidates for Municipal Offices (*Denotes Primary Election scheduled): 

Annabella Town   November Canvass                     Joseph Town    November Canvass
  Mayor (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 1                                    Mayor (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 1
    Brent Christensen                                                       Terry Smith
  Councilmember (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 2                           Jesse Campbell
    Kendall Bagley                                                        Councilmember (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 2
    Jill Anderson                                                                Douglas Nowell
    Kelvin Johns                                                                Marty Anderson
                                                                                      Steven Alvey
Aurora City    November Canvass                                                               
 2017 Primary Election Canvass                                 Monroe City    November Canvass
   Mayor (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 1                                   2017 Primary Election Canvass
     Daven Quarnberg                                                    Mayor (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 1
     Devan J. Coates                                                          Johnny C. Parsons
*Councilmember (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 2                       *Councilmember (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 2
     Tyson Jack Hansen                                                       Perry D. Payne
     James L. Harrison                                                         Gregory A. Northrup
     Hal D. Jensen  WITHDREW 10/5/2017                            Jenna Jorgensen  (Out in Primary)
     Wynona Freeman Mangrum (Out in Primary)                   Kirk R. Thornock
     Kelly Thurel Mason                                                       Janet Bohn Cartwright
                                                                                       Dave Coe  (Out in Primary)
Central Valley Town   Election Cancelled
   Mayor (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 1                                   Redmond Town    November Canvass
      Kim Peterson                                                            Mayor (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 1
   Councilmember (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 2                             Kelly J. Johnson
      Charles H. Evans                                                          Myron A. Mickelsen
      Bryan Q. Brown                                                         Councilmember (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 2
   Councilmember (2 Yr. Term) Vote for 1                              Audrey M. Brown
      Gary Duane Barney                                                        Gary I. Carlisle

Elsinore Town   November Canvass                                                                 
   Mayor (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 1
       Kevin Moore                                                         Richfield City
   Councilmember (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 2                           Mayor (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 1
       Valerie Hopper                                                              David Ogden
       Carol Jensen                                                                 Mike Turner
       Robert Larsen                                                            Councilmember (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 2
                                                                                          Connie Nielson
Glenwood Town  Election Cancelled                                     Angella Stubbs WITHDREW 8/14/2017
    Mayor (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 1                                            Bryan Burrows
        Joey Rickenbach                                                           Wesley Kirschner WITHDREW 8/29/2017
    Councilmember (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 2
        Doug Nowers                                                        Salina City   November Canvass
                                                                                        Mayor (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 1
Koosharem Town  Election Cancelled                                     Jed Maxwell
    Mayor (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 1                                          Councilmember (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 2
         Harlow F. Brown                                                            Jaden Haskins  WITHDREW 11/1/2017
    Councilmember (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 2                                Newell Hales
         Jeff Hatch                                                                     Eric A. MacArt
          Ronald G. Torgersen                                                     Jon K. Maxwell

Sigurd Town    Election Cancelled
     Mayor (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 1
          Kelly Alvey
     Councilmember (4 Yr. Term) Vote for 2  
           Bud Bullard
           Jason Jacobson