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2018 Iron Chef Contest
Iron Chef

Sevier County Fair

Mystery Iron Chef Competition


Sponsored by Larsen’s Ace Hardware (LOGO)

Saturday August 11th12:00 PM-2:00 PM

Sevier County Fair Grounds


1stPlace Camp Chef (LOGO)SmokePro XT Pellet Grill

2ndPlace $100.00 Gift Card to Larsen’s Ace Hardware

3rdPlace $50.00 Gift Card to Larsen’s Ace Hardware

Pre-registration is required

To enter and more information contact Chad at 435-421-2743

Deadline to enter is Monday the 6thof August


1.Each team will receive a bag with mystery ingredients; you must use enough of the mystery ingredients for the judges to be able to taste them in your final dish. You can make more than 1 course it is up to you. 

2. A pantry with basic supplies of flour, sugar, salt, pepper, oil, and other stuff will be available for you to use if you desire. 

3.You are allowed to bring 1 savory (salty, sour, etc.) and 1 sweet item from your home.  

4.You are responsible for your own heat source, a bucket for water, dish soap, cooking utensils, a presenting plate for the judges, and anything else you may need to prepare your dish. Taster’s cups will be provided for you to put samples of your dish in for viewers of the competition to taste. 

5. Once the competition has started you will not be able to speak with anyone outside of the competition, what you make has to be made up by you when you get the mystery bag no outside help.

6. You will be provided with a recipe sheet to fill out. Complete recipes need to be filled out and put with your presenting plate at the time of judging. Extra sheets will be provided. You must list your added (secret) ingredients from home on your recipe. The winning recipe and name of cook will be published and will be become property of Sevier County and Larsen’s Ace Hardware. 

7. You will be judged on Taste, Appearance, Texture, use of ingredients, and Recipe.