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Ride Desciptions


Special thanks to Big O Tires and Arctic Cat who are co-titles of the event this year - the Jamboree would not be possible without their generous support. Also, thanks to all of the businesses who are sponsoring rides and supporting the Jamboree as vendors.

All rides leaving from the Richfield City Park, the Fairgrounds, or the Sevier Valley Center will leave from town and will not require trailering. Rides leaving from other locations in Richfield will trailer to points outside of the area. The staging area for each ride can be found in the parentheses just after the ride number and name.

Please note that unless the ride description indicates, lunch will not be provided.

#1 Mountain Man Marathon (Fairgrounds)
No matter what you’re thinking, the Mountain Man Marathon is not for coonskin caps and black powder rifles. What is it, you ask? It is an exciting "marathon" or endurance run along the Paiute Trail. The ride is for mountain men and women who are up for the challenge of spending four days and three nights on the trail. The ride generally covers close to 300 miles with riders camping out under the stars. There will be access to towns along the way where riders can fill up with gas and restock supplies. Except for the Monday evening dinner, all meals will be on your own, so be sure to pack lightweight food. Also, in light of the fact that the Mountain men and women will be missing a few things "back at the ranch", there will be a good number of prize drawings along the way - just for them. Because of the number of miles traveled on the Mountain Man, riders should expect every type of terrain – steep, rocky, and narrow. Riders should also be prepared for every type of weather. The Mountain Man leaves from the Fairgrounds on Monday morning at 9:00 am and will return to civilization on Thursday afternoon. Trailers are not allowed on the ride but the ride is UTV friendly for those with machines 50" or less wide. The ride is rated for "Advanced" riders only! The Mountain Man allowed for up to 30 individuals.

#2 Chief Arapeen Special (Ogden’s)
Chief Arapeen was a Ute Chief who dominated this portion of central Utah when the Mormon Pioneers arrived in 1850. Come ride a mountain and trail named in honor of this proud warrior. This 50 mile ride climbs from the trailhead east of Mayfield to the top known as the Skyline Drive, which is one of the longest and highest roads in the United States as it crowns the Wasatch Plateau. You’ll top out on White Mountain with a view of the landscape that Chief Arapeen commanded 150 years ago. The ride slips below some large rockslides, through the swamps and down the Pinchot trail back to the staging area. The ride is for "Advanced" riders and will require you to trailer your quad 40 miles north to the little town of Mayfield. It is also for machines that are 50" or less wide. This ride is offered on Thursday and allows up to 30 riders.

#3 Frost’s Flat Canyon (Richfield City Park)
FLAT! FLAT! Hey, don't let the name fool ya. There ain't nothin' flat about this ride! This ride, offered on Monday and Friday goes west of town as it enters into the rugged canyons that take you quickly away from city and Interstate. The trail is full of twists, turns, climbs, and challenges into, around and thru red rock canyons. Don't forget your camera. This is a favorite route for local jeepers who are always looking for a rock crawling challenge. The ride is only 25 miles, and is rated for Advanced riders only, but remember it's quality, not quantity that counts. Oh and by the way - this ride will stop at the Frost’s Cowboy Corral in Elsinore for lunch. Bring along some cash cause they don’t take credit cards in the old west. The Flat Canyon ride allows for 20 advanced riders. If your machine is more than 50" wide and you want a challenge and don't mind a scratch or two on your machine, come along and test your skills.

#4 Sevier Historic Tour (Richfield City Park)
When was Richfield first settled? What was it called? How did Chief Black Hawk and the Black Hawk war affect the Mormon settlers of 1865? Who was Elijah Barney Ward? The answers to these questions and many more stories of how this place came to be will be told as part of this historic tour of the Sevier Valley. This ride is offered on Monday and is a perfect way to get to know the area around Richfield. The ride is rated as a "Beginner" ride with a capacity of 30 participants. All machines are welcome.

#5 The Challenge aka Oh Sh@# Special (Richfield City Park)
This ride is sponsored by Red Rock Repair and Service of Richfield and includes treks into Flat Canyon, Dairy Canyon, Sidewinder, Cottonwood Rim, and Red View. We wanted to rename it the Oh Sh@# Special, but Kevin wouldn’t let us. It’s "Oh Sh@#!" because that’s what most survivors say when they complete many of the challenging segments that make up this adventure. This ride is offered on Monday and Thursday. It begins in Richfield and goes into the remote west canyons. The ride is only about 40 miles long, but it needs your full attention all the way with very little of the route being on roads. Watch out for your riding partners as they may need your help in a place or two. Remember, it’s not the distance, but the quality that makes the ride. You’ll be talking about this one for a long time. This ride is available for machines that are 50" or less and is for "Advanced" riders only please. The Challenge ride has a capacity of 20 riders.

#6 Meander on the West (Richfield City Park)
Have you ever done a slow and easy "walkabout"? No rush, just a slow and easy ramble with no schedule or time tables. Well, that’s what this Meander is all about. This is a slow and easy ride on which participants take their time to stop and smell the roses. It’s a lazy day ride through the mountains to the west of Richfield. Fifty miles + or – of terrain with little challenge, and no worries. Have you noticed that you see more when you slow down and take it easy? This ride is offered on Monday and Wednesday and is rated "Intermediate" only because it might cover 50 miles. There is room for 30 participants. Machines that are more than 50 inches are allowed and welcomed.

#7 Hot Wing Special (Fairgrounds)
Yep! No kidding! This one involves, fun, great views of the valley, and munchies from Winger’s Roadhouse of Richfield who sponsor this ride. It’s an easy trek along a mountain road to a favorite overview locals call Thompson Basin. Riders are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the entire Sevier Valley. Your guide might tell you a tale or two about yesteryear happenings of the area. This is a "Beginner" ride offered on Monday and Wednesday with a capacity of 30 participants and is open to all machines including side by sides wider than 50". Come along if you’re in a Fowl Mood!

#8 ROCKS! ROCKS! ROCKS! and more ROCKS! (Fairgrounds)
You think we’re joking? We are not! This 40 mile ride is sponsored by one of our title sponsors - Big O Tires of Richfield. It leaves from Richfield on Monday and Thursday and goes east through the little town of Annabella and then up Rock Canyon. This was the first pioneer route onto Cove Mountain. The historic trail is the roughest and most challenging trail on the Paiute system. This one is beyond black diamond and is not for beginners. There is no namby-pamby with this one. It is rated for "Advanced" riders only. Please, no riding double or machines weighted down on back with large packs, boxes, gas cans, etc. The added weight will make it difficult to negotiate the steep grade and rocks. Four wheel drive machines only that are 50" or less wide. This ride has room for 20 experienced riders. If you make it all the way, you will definitely have bragging rights, and something to tell the folks back home.

#9 Devil’s Armchair (Richfield City Park)
What’s a Devil’s Armchair you ask? Take this ride and find out. Oh OK! It’s a crazy rock formation. Wonder where it got that name? You’ll have the opportunity to form your own opinion. This ride goes west out of Richfield on Monday, Tuesday and Friday and climbs from 5,500 foot elevation to the top of the Pahvant Mountains at near 10,000’. Note the vegetation changes as you go from valley bottom into pinyon juniper, then aspen, and pine covered slopes near the top. The route is wide with moderate turns and no major obstacles. This ride is rated Intermediate and has a 30 rider capacity. Machines over 50 inches are welcomed.

#10 Bear Valley (Fairgrounds)
Are there really Bears along this route? Probably not, but then you never know; in the past riders have seen deer, bob cat, mountain lion, and turkey just to mention a few. This ride is sponsored by the Quality Inn and travels east out of Richfield and twists and turns along little used routes past the old Durfey Homestead where riders will experience what early Mormon pioneers saw and felt when they first came to this area nearly 150 years ago. There are a couple of steep sections with some crazy switchbacks that will require your full attention. This 60 mile ride is offered on Monday and your lunch will be taken care of by the good folks at the Quality Inn. It has been rated "Intermediate / Advanced" and is limited to units 50" or less. There is a capacity of 30 riders. Please, let us know if you do see one of them Bears in Bear Valley.

#11 Ring-around-Mt. Terrill (IFA) 
Seven-Mile, Lost Creek, Broadhead Lakes, Gooseberry, Niotch, Yogo Pass, UM Creek, UM pass… all the way around Mt. Terrill… you’ll see this 10,000+ peak from every side. Up, over, around and through! This ride takes you over some of the best trails and most beautiful scenery the State of Utah has to offer. This ride begins with a short commute from the sand ledges and quickly turns to amazing 50" trails which will challenge the best to keep up. Steep hill climbs, rock gardens and tight trails through amazing aspen groves and small open meadows only speaks to a small portion of this ride. The views from Yogo Pass and UM Pass are awe inspiring, and the trail to get you there will test your skills! This ride is offered on Tuesday and you will only need to trailer your machine approximately 20 miles to the sand ledges. The loop ride is 60 miles and is rated as an advanced ride due to the distance and technical terrain. This ride is for machines that are 50" or less wide. First come! First serve for the first 30 riders! Don’t forget your camera on this one!

#12 Anthony’s Flat / Water Hollow (IFA)
Who was this Anthony guy, and did he get a flat tire or is this place just a chunk of level ground? This ride is held on Thursday and requires that you trailer your machine to the Gooseberry Trailhead up Salina Canyon. You’ll spend much of the day on the Great Western Trail and even part of the Old Spanish Trail. You’ll have great views all day of the unique Musinea formation. That’s a Ute name; ask your guide what the locals call it? Might see some wildlife as in years past we’ve seen elk, deer and wild turkey. This is a 60 mile loop that is rated "Intermediate". Sorry, no machines over 50"wide. The ride has a capacity of 30 riders.

#13 - Zip A Dee Doo Da (Home Depot)
Does your drive for adventure go further than an ATV ride, then Zip A Dee Doo Da is for you! This ride is sponsored by Awesome Adventures out of Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort and will be held on Tuesday. The ride will trailer to the trailhead across the street from Big Rock before it heads up the Deer Creek Trail. The ride will make its way past the Silver King Mine and then into the Kimberly area along side trails that will take you beneath the Hogback and Marbletop mountains. The ride will come down the back side of Kimberly, into the Fremont Indian State Park, up the Max Reid trail and then back down Deer Creek. Once back on level ground, riders will be treated to a late lunch by Awesome Adventures and then, for those adrenalin junkies, opportunities to ride the zip line or rock climb will be available (additional fees apply). The ride is rated as "Advanced" and is for machines that are 50" or less wide. Up to 30 riders will be allowed on this one!

#14 Let’s Go Fishin’ Now (Larsen’s Ace Hardware)
Fishing and wheeling… wow! Don’t get any better than this. This full day ride is held on Wednesday and is sponsored by Larsen’s Ace Hardware. The ride will trailer from Ace Hardware where before heading out to catch the big one, riders will have an opportunity to choose one lure (up to $3.99), free of charge, from the supply at Ace. With your choice of lure in hand, the ride will trailer to Mayfield - approximately 40 miles. The ride itself will only be 25 miles, leaving ample time for fishing several high mountain lakes. Riders wanting to fish will need a valid Utah fishing license (you can purchase one at Larsen’s Ace) and their own fishing gear. The ride involves some steep trails offering riders some challenges so it is rated "Advanced". There’s room for 20 riders but trail conditions won’t allow for machines wider than 50". Good luck Angler’s… or should we say rider’s…. well, you know what we mean.

#15 Canyon of Gold (Walmart)
"There's Gold in them thar hills!" Revenue Gulch, Bullion Canyon, Hennessy Point, Alunite Ridge, Cottonwood, Deer Trail Mine; any of these catch your interest? This ride is sponsored by Lizzie and Charlie's RV Park and Campground and is held on Friday. The ride requires that you trailer your ATV/UTV 28 miles south to Marysvale City Park. During the ride you will visit the Ghost Town of Bullion – the original County seat for Piute County. Miners Memorial Park provides an opportunity to step back in time to an era when steel was driven by hand and tons of muck was hauled to the mill in search of Gold. The ride will continue to Hennessy Point; a breathtaking view. Then on to the top of Alunite Ridge, well above timberline, where we'll look for Mountain Goats and measure how big the sky is at the top of the mountain. Then it's a downhill run through Cottonwood and back to Marysvale. Lunch for the riders will be provided by Lizzie and Charlie's. The ride is 35 miles long, and you don't want to forget your camera. It is rated Beginner; allows 30 riders, and side by sides are more than 50" wide are welcome.

#16 Indians and Gold (Home Depot)
Ancient Indians and gold...This ride starts at a lost city and takes you through the heart of gold country. See the Rocky Mountains that few get to see, go back it time at the Silver King Mine, ride epic trails with new friends from all over the world...this ride has got it all! The Fremont Indian State Park is shortened to Fremont and refers to the finding and excavation of the largest known Fremont Indian culture when I-70 was constructed through the Clear Creek Canyon. Kimberly refers to the century old high mountain community built around the extraction of Gold from the north slopes of the Tushar Mountain Range. This ride is offered on Friday and begins at Fremont Indian State Park - requiring you to trailer your ATV 20 miles south on I-70. The ride involves the Max Reid portion of the main Paiute, a visit to the Silver King Mine, Kimberly Ghost Town, Mill Creek, Fish Creek and the old Cove Fort Highway. So much to see and do. It’s a 55 mile ride and is rated "Advanced" and is limited to ATVs no wider than 50" with a 30 rider capacity. Don’t miss this one!

#17 Vanilla or Chocolate? (Fairgrounds)
What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Some like all the mixed up flavors with raisins and nuts and cinnamon and spice. Some are just comfortable with vanilla or maybe a little chocolate. This ride is a comfortable, vanilla and chocolate ride. It’s about 60 miles long, so you’ll need a full tank of gas. It leaves from the Fairgrounds and goes up and over Cove and Monroe Mountain. It’s a nice and easy route with lots of pine and aspen exposure. It’s rated "Intermediate", because of the length and some rocky portions. The ride is offered on Monday and allows up to 30 participants. It’s open to all sized machines, including UTVs.

#18 Sweetwater Special (Fairgrounds)
Why is it called "Sweetwater" you ask. We don’t have a clue, but there must be a story there somewhere. You’ll just have to ask your guide. They will tell you what it’s all about or make up some sort of story that will tickle your fancy. Also get them to tell you what they know about "Boobe Hole Mountain"; has to be a wild story behind that name; you’ll pass it along the way. This ride is sponsored by Western Ag Credit of Richfield and takes place on Thursday. It is rated "Advanced" because it goes for 80 miles and has some twists, turns, and a few rough spots. It is limited to machines 50" or less, and there is room for 20 riders.

#19 Duck Lake (Fairgrounds)
Hold on there buckwheat! This ride visits, Big Lake, Annabella Reservoir, and Deep Lake, yet it draws the name "Duck Lake"? Yes there is a Duck Lake, but it’s a pond compared to the others. Maybe run the question past your guides and see if they know the answer. The ride heads out onto the trail on Monday and out to the "lake" and back is around 60 miles. The ride is rated "Intermediate" and open to ATV’s and UTVs of all sizes and the first 30 riders. If you find out the answer to the "Duck Lake" question, let us know.

#20 Whisperings of the Fremont (Home Depot)
Campers in the Castle Rock Campground have heard them. The mountain men have heard them. And even paranormal investigators have heard them. Who are they? They are the Old Ones of the Fremont Indian State Park. They still whisper, sing and play flutes upon the laughing winds of today but they also carved and chipped their histories upon the rocks of yesteryear. Would you like to hear the Tribal legends about the Rock Writings of Clear Creek Canyon? They speak of Ceremonies that were performed, they tell of personal sacrifices made, they warn about the Evil One that wanders the canyon, and the tragedy that came upon the People that lived within the canyon for so long. If you'd like to see these panels and hear these cultural stories, then join us on this Wednesday ride. The ride is open to riders of all experience levels. The ride will trailer to the Highway 89 Junction and Bike Trailhead, near the east entrance to the Fremont Indian State Park. From there we will jump in our outfits and begin the tour. We will be on mostly paved roads to reach the many prehistoric sites the Fremont Indian State Park has to offer. Be sure to bring along a pair of binoculars as some of the sites are high upon the canyon walls. You may want to carry plenty of water as well. This ride is sponsored by the Fremont Indian State Park and Museum. They will be serving Indian Fry Bread or Indian Tacos for $5.00 per plate when the ride comes to its conclusion at the Museum. This ride allows for up to 20 riders and machines of all types and sizes.

#21 Adelaide Rendezvous (City Park)
This Tuesday and Friday ride is sponsored by Millard County Tourism; good folks from across the west mountain. Riders will take a leisurely ride west and south across the Pahvant mountain to Adelaide Campground where Millard County will provide a delicious meal. Hopefully the ride over and back will provide wildlife viewing opportunities with abundant deer and turkey and possibly an elk. The fall colors and views west into the Great Basin will capture the interest of participants. This 65 mile ride is rated "Intermediate" and is open to the first 30 riders. Side by side units over 50" wide are welcome.

#22 Otter Creek (Ogden’s)
Sponsored by Utah State Parks, this ride is offered on Tuesday and will require you trailer your ATV to Otter Creek State Park, 50 miles southeast of Richfield. The ride begins at Otter Creek where you will weave your way through pinyon-juniper and the Pocket Rocks, down a trail once used only by wildlife and outlaws. You will climb the switchbacks, taking you several hundred feet up a talus slope; emerging to breathtaking landscapes in several directions. This trail has many challenges and is considered one of the fun trails on the system, along with its rich pioneer history. Along the way, the enchantment of the forest and canyon walls will give way to the breathtaking vistas of the Tushar, Boulder and Fishlake Mountains, with Otter Creek shimmering in the valley below. This ride is 60 miles long and because of the steepness and switchbacks has been reserved for "Advanced" riders. Don’t forget your camera. Room for 30 riders, but sorry, this one is for ATV’s only.

#23 Durkee, Elbow, Pipeline, Langdon, Dry Creek Falls Ride (Walmart)
Wow! What a name! Well, it comes from just some of the places you will visit on this ride, which is east of Marysvale and on the west slopes of the Monroe Mountain. This Wednesday ride will require that you trailer your machine south to Marysvale. We'll depart from the Marysvale City Park and head east. Maybe if we're lucky we'll see some deer, elk or turkey. At the very least you'll hear some interesting stories about the area and its early settlers. The ride is rated Beginner and has room for 30 riders. UTVs wider than 50" are welcome.

#24 Elkhorn and Thousand Lakes (Frontier Village)
There really isn’t a 1,000 lakes, and you most likely won’t find an elk horn, but you will be treated with the best views available to Utah’s canyon country located to the east. Look down on Capitol Reef National Park, Cathedral Valley, Henry Mountains, La Sal Mountains and San Rafael Swell. You’ll see why Butch Cassidy and his gang used this country to hide from the law. This Wednesday ride requires that you trailer your ATV 60 miles east into Wayne County. This is a picture taker’s special, so make sure your camera has fresh batteries. Ride elevation is 9,000 to 10,000 feet. You will be riding portions of the famous Great Western Trail that is moderately steep and rocky in a few places. The ride is rated "Intermediate" and is limited to ATVs 50" or less in width. The Elkhorn ride is limited to 30 riders.

#25 Mytoge Mountain (IFA)
This ride is offered on Thursday and will travel onto Mytoge Mountain where riders will get some unique and fantastic views of Fish Lake. Bring along a good lunch and we will enjoy some time at the Watt’s cabin before heading up onto the Fishlake High Top for more high mountain (9,000 to 11,000 ft.) riding and fantastic views in all directions. You will have to trailer your ATV/UTV 40 miles to just south of Fish Lake. The route is rated "Intermediate" and suitable for most riders. Yep, it’s UTV friendly – come one come all. There is room for 30 riders.

#26 Sister City Visit (Richfield City Park)
Come ride with us and visit Richfield’s sister city to the west… aka Fillmore. This ride is offered on Wednesday and Friday and involves an 80 mile ride over the top of the Pahvant (west) Mountain and return. We’ll ride along the top and then down Chalk Creek. While in Fillmore, Triple S Polaris of Ogden and Cedar City will sponsor a pizza lunch for all the riders! Then, we’ll fill up the tanks and visit to the Utah Territorial State House, which served as Utah’s capitol for a few years in the early history of the state. There is also a nice display which talks about Chief Walkara and his escapades of the early 1850s. Then we’ll return via Sand Rock Ridge which will encourage you to lean forward on your machine. Side by sides 50" or wider are welcome, but will have to take a short 3 mile detour in the bottom of Chalk Creek. The ride has been rated as "Intermediate" and has room for 30 riders.

#27 Two Tracks Challenge (Home Depot)
No joke LeRoy! this ride is full of two track trails! This ride is held on Tuesday and you’ll have to trailer to Marysvale. Lots and lots of 2-track trails on this one as we slip over, around, up and down on some rather challenging sections. Starting out through Poverty Flats we head out for Marysvale Peak, Barney Lake, Andersen Dairy and return home past Hunts Lake and one more 50" Black Diamond trail down Live Oak Canyon. Yep, you’ll know you been on a real ride when you get back to Marysvale. This ride is just over 70 miles so you may want to bring along a little extra gas, drinks and late snack. Because of the trails and distance, this one has been rated "Advanced" and is limited to machines 50" or less. Your trail guide enjoys taking it easy and enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way. He also enjoys the most difficult 50" 2-track Paiute ATV Trails. There is room for 20 participants.

#28 Manti Canyon (IFA)
This ride is sponsored by Gary’s Shoes and will be held on Tuesday. Gary is a native of Manti, so he wanted to share his boyhood haunts with Jamboree participants. You couldn’t ask for better, more knowledgeable guides. Participants will trailer ATVs to Manti (45 miles). Then it’s up the old Sheep Trail to shoot some trap and see who’s got the eye. Then it’s on to the Skyline and then a family cabin near Ferron Reservoir where we will have lunch. For lunch, Gary, Scott and their crew will provide tasty hamburgers, then some twists, turns and challenges back down Manti Canyon to the trailhead. This ride is 70 miles long and rated "Intermediate / Advanced" with some sections of trail that are steep and rough. Oh! Almost forgot, the best trap shooter will win a brand new pair of boots or shoes from Gary’s Shoes in Richfield. There is room for 30 riders on this trek and the ride is for machines that are 50" wide or less. Thanks Scott, Gary, and company for a great ride.

#29 Pictures Taker’s Special (IFA)
This ride is the ultimate picture taker’s special! Guided by photographers Kreig and Kirk Rasmussen, this Friday ride will trailer to the Gooseberry Trailhead up Salina Canyon. Along the way, riders will have the opportunity to see the trail system, local wildlife, plants and flowers from the perspective of someone who has spent years photographing the area. The ride will stop numerous times along the way - allowing riders to take photos of their own. Bring along your lunch. The ride is open to machines 50 inches or less and photographers of any ability. The ride is "Intermediate" and may require some light hiking. Just 20 riders allowed on this one so sign up early!

#30 Iron Mountain and the Maze (Comfort Inn)
Whoa…. Now this sounds like fun. This Wednesday ride requires that you trailer your units to Marysvale City Park; about 28 miles. The first leg will take us northeast of Marysvale to the base of Iron Mountain. The more adventurous riders can take the switchbacks to the top of the peak. Attentive riders may see some surface crystals left over after the crystal mine was bulldozed and the area reclaimed. Next we will attempt to familiarize riders with some of the trails in the maze; roads and trails go in all directions. These routes are leftover from uranium exploration and mining operations. This ride is rated for "Beginners" except for the optional ride up the Iron Mountain switchbacks and allows for up to 30 riders. Machines over 50 inches are welcome.

#31 Couples Special (Comfort Inn)
Take your honey to the top of the mountain! This ride has been a part of the Rocky Mountain Jamboree from near the very start. You’ll trailer your vehicles down Highway 89 to the new trailhead just across the street from Big Rock Candy Mountain. This Thursday ride is sponsored by Big Daddy's Deli and enjoys the Deer Creek Trail and then to the top of the Tushars along the main Paiute. I’ve been told the sky is bigger at the top of the mountain. You’ll have a chance to check it out for yourself as you go above timberline and stop on the summit at 11,500. On a clear day you can see into Nevada to the west. Be sure to keep an open eye for mountain goats and other wildlife. Don’t worry about lunch on this ride, Bid Daddy’s has you covered. This ride is rated "Intermediate" and allows for 30 riders. Side by side units over 50" are welcome. Oh, and if by chance you don’t have a honey to accompany you; you're welcome to come along anyway. Hey, you might meet someone.

#32 Chief Walkara’s Beehive Peak Special (Richfield City Park)
This ride is held on Friday and leaves from the city park as it leaves Richfield, the ride will take you along the top of the Pahvant Range, along trails that were traveled by the famous Ute war chief, Walkara, who was the world’s greatest horse thief. You’ll see Beehive Peak, a prominent red rock formation, from all sides and angles. You’ll get spectacular views of Sanpete, Sevier, and Millard counties from 9000+ foot pine and aspen forest. The ride goes all the way to Coffee Peak for lunch and stories about that Walkara feller and his horse stealing, slave trading antics. The ride will return via Willow Creek and Aurora. The ride is 85 miles, so you might need a little bit of extra fuel, depending on your units capabilities. Because of the distance the ride has been rated "Intermediate". There is room for 30 riders, and all units, ATVs and UTVs of any size are welcome to participate.

#33 Kanosh and Kid Colter (Richfield City Park)
This ride takes place on Monday and is an 80 mile ride to the little community of Kanosh via Bull Valley. The ride is chalk full of pioneer and old western history as detailed by guide, author and storyteller Scott Christensen. Scott’s book details the life of fictional western character Kid Colter but many of the sites in the book can be found on this ride. Come ride some of the same trails ridden by Kid Colter. While there are a few segments of challenging trail, this ride is rated "Intermediate" and is limited to machines under 50". There is room for 30 riders on this ride. Enjoy the fall colors of the west mountain as they contrast with views of the west desert and Great Basin. Rich scenery, rich history! Bring along your lunch and enjoy this one!

#34 Fish Lake Hightop (Ogden's)
This ride is sponsored by Paiute Trail Adventures out of Koosharem and riders will get shirts and ice cream at the end of the day's ride. The ride starts in the quaint and peaceful little village of Koosharem. The ride travels east to Hancock Flat and onto the Fishlake High Top for views east and west that will capture much of Central Utah. Did you know that this peaceful grass valley was a major stronghold of the Ute Indian Chief Black Hawk and was a key staging area for the Indians during the Utah Black Hawk War of 1865 -1867. Come ride these century old routes and speculate about what happened here so long ago. This Thursday ride is only 40 miles with minimal challenges. The ride is rated as an "Intermediate" and there is room for 30 riders. Both ATVs and UTVs of any size are welcome. For those who want to stick around after the ride, all you can eat Dutch oven dinner with chicken and ribs will be available at $15 per plate.

#35 Hilgard Mountain (IFA)
This ride travels along a portion of the Old Spanish Trail that went from Santa Fe New Mexico, through southwest Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and ended up in the city of Angels, known as Los Angeles. It was the longest, crookedest, roughest trade route in the old west. You’ll be riding along the main leg up Salina Canyon and then along part of the Fish Lake cutoff which tried to shorten the route by cutting through the Fish Lake Basin. Travel the same path as Chief Walkara, Chief Black Hawk, Kit Carson, and Jedediah Smith. Let your mind venture back to those wild times more than 150 years ago, when stolen horses and slaves were moved along these same routes. You’ll need to trailer your ATVs just over 30 miles to exit 73 along I-70. The Meadow Gulch Trail is steep and rocky. The 40 mile ride is offered on Friday and is rated as "Advanced" and there is room for 20 riders on machines that are 50" or less wide.

#36 Three Mountain Adventure (Walmart)
This Thursday ride starts in Monroe, so you’ll have to trailer your ATVs 10 miles to the unloading area, line-up and the starting gun. Then it’s south and east over the top of the mountain and down into Grass Valley. Riders on this ride are then in for a treat - as they wind and traverse through three different mountain ranges including Monroe, Langdon and Forshea. This ride offers fantastic vistas to the east, south and west as well as some of the most beautiful fall leaves anywhere. It’s about 90 miles long and make no mistake about it - this ride is definitely "Advanced". The ride is limited to machines that are 50" or less wide and there is room for 30 riders.

#37 Barney Lake (Kmart)
Gee Willikars… Andy…. this ain’t no Barney Fife ride! But it has a lot of trail with a lot of challenge that will meet most riders "fun" quota. This ride is offered on Thursday and riders will be required to trailer machines to Monroe, then it’s up the Live Oak Trail, which is steep and might take your breath for a bit. After a visit to Monroe Peak (11,227) it’s past Manning Reservoir and Barney Lake to Marysvale Peak for a look-see at the Tushar Range and Piute Valley. Then more trail riding through Anderson Dairy before bailing off the top and back to Monroe. Bring along a good lunch. The ride is 50 miles long and has been rated "Advanced". No machines over 50" wide on this one…. Sorry. There is room for 30 riders.

#38 Upper Quitchupah (Walmart)
This ride is offered on Tuesday and requires that your ride be trailered about 37 miles to the ride trailhead at Accord lakes Mountain Retreat. The ride is only about 25 miles but they are some of the best on the system. Views include ponderosa, pine and quakie forests along with a number of interesting historical sites. After the ride, riders will enjoy a Dutch oven lunch before heading back into Richfield. This ride is available to machines of all sizes and allows up to 30 riders. This ride is "Advanced" because of one section of trail that is very rocky.

#39 Lady’s Day Ride (Richfield City Park)
Beth Foisy started this ride in the early years of the Rocky Mountain Jamboree and it has been a very popular excursion ever since. Yes, it caters to the ladies. This ride is offered on Thursday. It will go west across the Pahvant Mountain Range to Adelaide Campground; a beautiful spot with picnic tables, restrooms, and running water. Together, we’ll prepare and cook our own lunch in a Dutch oven. Now, how fun and educational is that. We’ll return to Richfield via a different route. This 60 mile ride is rated "Intermediate" and allows for 30 riders. Machines wider than 50" are welcome. Thanks Beth for starting this traditional ride.

#40 Little Lost Creek, Niotche, and Broadhead Lakes (Fairgrounds)
This is a 110 mile OVERNIGHT ride starting in Richfield, traveling through the beautiful Sevier Valley along canal and dirt roads, traversing the eastern foothills and the scenic Little Lost Creek, along the Gooseberry Trail System and Niotche -- a part of the Great Western Trail -- through the spectacular U.M. Pass, Seven Mile, and the mystical Broadhead Lakes, returning to Richfield byway of Bell Rock Ridge and Saul’s Meadow. Riders will enjoy the diverse terrain, assorted trails, and majestic beauty of the Fishlake Forest. The ride leaves on Tuesday morning and makes its way to the Gooseberry system, spends the day riding some of the most beautiful trails in central Utah before setting up at a local cabin for the night.  The next day, riders will enjoy another day of great riding before heading back to Richfield.  The ride is sponsored by Cowley Embroidery of Richfield and is definitely "Advanced" for both its distance (around 110 miles) and difficulty. There are lots of two track gauged trails so the ride is definitely restricted to machines that are 50" or less. The ride is limited to 20 riders – and don’t forget to bring extra gas.  This ride requires an additional cost per rider.  Additional information about fees and needed supplies will be sent to those who have signed up as it becomes available.

#41 Mussentuchit (Kmart)
This ride is rated "Intermediate" but it's really rated as L.S. (Leisurely and Scenic) by its guide. The ride has no size restrictions so all machines are welcome. It is an all day ride that will run about 70 miles through the high desert that will take you through or near places like Last Chance Wash, Moroni Slopes, Horse Heaven Hills and Solomon's Temple. It would truly take an entire book to describe the beauty of this land and its vistas. The ride allows for up to 20 riders and is offered on Tuesday and Thursday. It requires that you trailer your vehicle about 55 miles east along I-70 to the unloading zone. Come along and enjoy this one!

#42 Cove Fort (Walmart)
This Wednesday ride offers some of the best riding together with a good dose of local history. The ride starts at the trailhead in the Fremont Indian State Park and makes its way west along the south side of the freeway to the towers overlooking the canyon. The ride continues west and drops down into Cove Fort where riders will get a quick tour of the Fort and grab lunch at the local Subway. Be sure to bring along a few bucks for a sandwich. After the tour and lunch, the ride will make its way up onto the south end of the Pahvant range, where deer and elk are plentiful, before returning to the park via the Sam Stowe trail. This ride allows for 30 riders. It has some great two track trail and is for machines that are 50" or less wide. "Advanced" riders only please.

#43 Leisurely and Scenic (Ogden's)
This Wednesday ride gives riders in wider machines an opportunity to see some of the best country the trail system has to offer. Leaving from Monroe, the ride will travel onto Monroe Mountain and then make its way up, down, through and around trails, terrain and scenic beauty that is unmatched. This Intermediate ride is around 70 miles give or take a few and allows for 30 riders. Oh, and yep - all machine sizes are welcome.

#44 For the Kids (Comfort Inn)
The Rocky Mountain Jamboree has teamed up with Kid Cancer Awareness and this ride is dedicated to kids everywhere who are fighting the good fight. This Friday will require that you trailer your ATV to Salina. You'll start up the Paiute Trail, which is also the Old Spanish Trail and then into Steve's Basin via that Rattlesnake Trail. It's on to the top and pine and aspen covered slopes and some breathtaking vistas. You'll come home via a leg of the Great Western Trail. Let's see, this ride travels along portions of the Rattlesnake, Old Spanish, Paiute, and Great Western Trails. Maybe we ought to call this one the "Trails Extravaganza Ride". Be sure to bring along your lunch. This ride is for "Advanced" riders and follows some steep and narrow mountain trails and the chances are good that you will see deer or elk. There is room for 30 riders – but only machines that are 50" or less wide.

#45 Soaring with the Eagles (Frontier Village)
"Oh mama, the sky is so much bigger at the top of the mountain!" Yes it is Elizabeth Ann; yes it is. Now if you want to verify the truth of this eight year old's observation, then you don’t want to miss this one. This ride is offered on Tuesday and Friday of Jamboree week. You will be required to trailer your ATV or UTV to Hoovers. Then it’s up beautiful Deer Creek and on to the top to check out Elizabeth’s theory. Goats and eagles play up here; if we’re lucky we’ll spot some of them. We’ll go over the top at 11,500 feet, the top of the Paiute Trail. The ride will drop down onto the Beaver side of the Tushars, where we’ll make a loop and enjoy some high mountain trails. This ride is almost 90 miles, will take a full day, and might require a little extra gas. The ride is rated as "Advanced" and allows for 30 riders with machines no more than 50" wide.

#46 Beaver Mountain Loop (Comfort Inn)
This Tuesday ride is sponsored by the Tushar Mountain ATV Club and shows off the best the Paiute Trail has to offer. The ride covers 60 miles and requires that you trailer your machine about 45 minutes to Beaver, but your time will be well spent. Leaving from Beaver, the ride will travel East along the PST 05 onto the Tushar Mountains. It will wind up steep twisting tree lined trails, travel though flower spotted meadows and negotiate switchbacks through beautiful groves of aspens and finally follow bubbling streams along the PST 68 back into Beaver. Bring along snacks, a camera and a lunch. We will stop at several scenic lookouts. This ride is "Advanced" and allows up to 30 riders. Only machines that are 50" or less wide are allowed on this one.

#47 Monroe Peak (Kmart)
The ride is offered on Tuesday and offers participants a spectacular view of the entire Sevier River Valley and beyond. You can’t beat this one with a stick. You’ll have to trailer your ATV to Monroe. There is one steep and twisty grade up Live Oak Trail, so we have rated this one "Intermediate". Bring along a lunch and a camera and enjoy the best Monroe Mountain has to offer. There is room for 30 riders on this one. Sorry, but it’s restricted to machines 50" or less.

#49 Anderson Dairy and More
Don’t let the name fool you on this one! The dairy cows may have already left the mountain, but the 50" trails, varied terrain and fun have not! This 55 mile "advance" ride will start out on the Paiute #01 trail and drop you right into Milos Kitchen, I'm afraid no good old fashion home cook’n here. The ride then drops into a narrow canyon loaded with dense quake’s before it traverses across a canyon wall with amazing vista's all the way to Indian flat where the trails passes over the ridge and drops into Box Creek Canyon loaded with challenging 50" trails! From there this ride meanders throughout the Monroe Mountains past Barney Lake to the top near Marysvale Peak. Then off to where you will see Upper Box Creek reservoir, recent logging areas and the amazing re-growth of forest following past wildfires! This ride offers something for everyone...Amazing views, incredible mountain trails and if you're lucky you may spot one of the incredible trophy elk the area is world famous for. This Wednesday ride requires you to trailer your machine to the trailhead 3 miles west of the little community of Koosharem and is  limited to machines 50" or less. There is room for 30 riders.

 #50 Rock Shop at Elbow Ranch (Walmart)
This 65-70 mile ride is offered on Monday and Friday of Jamboree week and gives riders an opportunity to see one of the little know secrets of the Paiute Trail - the Rock Shop at Elbow Ranch. The ride itself is absolutely beautiful and is open to machines of all sizes. The ride will be high in the foothills above the Elbow Ranch with great views on all sides. Be sure to bring along your camera. Also, bring along your lunch as we will be stopping at the rock shop to enjoy our meals as well as a tour of the shop - truly one of the friendliest and most interesting spots along the trail. This ride is "Intermediate" and is available for up to 20 riders.

#51 Blondes Have More Fun (Sevier Valley Center)
This Monday ride will be guided by two of our favorite Blondes - Lisa and Kathy! This ride is sponsored by the Cosmetology Department at Snow College Richfield and riders are invited to spend a few minutes having their nails painted before the ride leaves. We are not sure where the ride will take you - we are not even sure the guides know - but you are sure to have a great time. Bring along your lunch but save a little room for dessert - Kathy and Lisa have something planned. The ride is "Beginner" and will accommodate machines of any size. And yes, even if you are not blonde, you are welcome to come along. You must, however, be blonde at heart! Also, be sure to bring along your sense of humor as there are sure to be a few blonde jokes bantered about. Oh yeah - try not to break a nail. The ride allows for up to 30 riders.

#52 Historic Mining Tour (Kmart)
There’s gold in them thar hills! And it’s been drawing gold seekers since the early 1600’s. Want to learn the history about some of the mining claims? Then this Wednesday ride for you. This ride requires that you trailer your machine to Marysvale, about 30 miles south of Richfield. It includes a trip to Marysvale Miners Memorial Park where riders can take a trip back in time to see and talk about the bygone era of mining history. We’ll also travel higher onto the mountain to some old mining cabins and mines, and even higher to see some of the most beautiful vistas anywhere on the Paiute trail. We might even get a glimpse of some mountain goats. The ride is about 40 miles and is rated Intermediate with a few advanced side trails that are optional. There is room for 15 riders and, other than the optional advanced trails, the ride is open to machines of any width.

#53 Saddle Pass (Home Depot)
On this Tuesday ride we'll spend some time in Saddle Pass on the south end of Thousand Lake Mountain where the vista of the Fremont River through Capitol Reef National Park and the Henry Mountains will take your breath away. We'll weave our way through the forest, past meadows and streams. You will see the contrast of the autumn colors with the bright red and gold landscape laying thousands of feet below. You'll visit a canyon overlook the locals call "Little Bryce". Along the way you will see beautiful mountain lakes and the ancient Bristlecone Pine. This ride is for "Advanced" riders and will take most of the day. You will have to trailer your ATV 60 miles to the small community of Lyman. There is room for 30 riders and is only available for machines that are 50" or less wide.

#54 Sheep Creek and Niotche (IFA)
This Friday ride will trailer to the Sheep Creek trailhead in the beautiful Gooseberry area east of Salina. This ride has it all as it travels past Twin Ponds, Cold Spring, Farnsworth Lake and Lost Creek reservoir. Riders will enjoy a lot of trail and great scenery as you travel over UM Pass, into Sheep Valley and then over Niotche. This ride is "Intermediate" and allows for up to 30 riders with machines that are 50 inches or less wide.

#55 Rockwood (Richfield City Park)
What's a Rockwood? Well, it's the location of an old Forest Service Guard Station. The old buildings are gone, but the spot remains tucked into a handsome grove of aspen with a nearby spring. We'll be visiting Rockwood on Monday and Wednesday of Jamboree week. This is a laid back 50 mile trek through vegetative transitions and with possibility of seeing deer or elk. You might hear an old Forest Service story or two, or maybe you'll just have to imagine your own. If you do come up with a good story, please share it. This ride is rated Intermediate and is open to all machines and there is room for 30 riders.

#56 Spare Rib Special (Fairgrounds)
If you like to eat; who doesn’t; and you like barbeque ribs; who doesn’t; then you better get signed up for this one. This Tuesday and Friday ride will cross Cove Mountain and descend on the quaint community of Koosharem. Fill your gas tank at the Grass Valley Store, then drop by the Koosharem Café to fill your food basket… hey, if you don’t like ribs, they’ll serve you an old fashion hamburger with all the trimmings. The prices are reasonable and you won’t be disappointed. Build up your appetite with a ride and then work it off with some more riding – what more could you ask? It’s over 80 miles, but suitable for most "Beginners." All you need is a few bucks in your wallet. This ride allows for 30 riders and is open to machines of all sizes.

#57 Progressive Appetizer Lunch (Non Guided Ride)
This ride is offered on Wednesday of Jamboree week. There are no guides for this ride so it is up to you to decide which route you will take through town as you enjoy appetizers at some of Richfield’s restaurants. This ride is sponsored by Richfield City and is a great way to enjoy lunch and learn a little bit about Richfield’s business community. The ride is all on streets and riders will be provided with coupons listing the fare being offered at each restaurant. This ride is open to machines of all sizes and types and is limited to 30 riders. The ride is for "Beginners" but you should have an "Advanced" appetite when you try this one - there is no shortage of good food.

#58 Shop till you Drop (Fairgrounds)
This adventure is sponsored by Arctic Cat and the Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce and is designed to give Jamboree participants an opportunity to get to know Richfield a little better by visiting a number of local businesses. Visit the local chocolate factory or buy a souvenir or two for the grandkids. This ride will be held on Wednesday and will meander through Richfield. Arctic Cat will provide lunch along the way in Richfield so come and enjoy! Please note that this ride lines up at the Arctic Cat rig at the Fairgrounds at 10:00 am. This ride is suitable for Beginner riders, allows up to 30 riders. ATVs, UTVs, Motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, all are welcome.

#59 Gooseberry Ride (Home Depot)
This full day ride is offered on Wednesday and is sponsored by our good friends at the Hitch'n Post Inn in Salina. Rumor has it there may be a little swag for the riders. This ride goes up the Paiute and a segment of the Old Spanish Trail and maybe some stories of the Black Hawk War in the mid 1860s. Then it’s up the Great Western Trail past Maple Springs (hope the colors are out; Maple reds are the prettiest of all the trees in fall color). Then onto Brown’s Hole where riders are reminded of a ride back through the woods surrounding Hogwarts and Harry Potter country. This ride is dedicated to Paul Swapp whose vision for the trail system and the Jamboree has helped to make them what they are today.  Thanks Paul!  The ride is 65 miles, rated "Advanced", limited to machines 50" or less and there’s room for 20 riders.

#60 Coca-Cola Classic (City Park)
This is a long one folks! No joking! And it’s sponsored by Coca-Cola, and that means Fred Christensen is involved, and Fred never took a short ride in his life. Participants will weave and bob from Richfield all the way to the end of the trail way up Shingle Creek and a return via Fremont Indian State Park. Did we mention that this one will be over 100 miles and won’t pass any gas stations. You know what that means. We have to keep this one moving along so we get home before the sun sets. This ride is offered on Tuesday, is limited to machines 50" or less, is rated "Advanced" and has room for 30 riders. You’ll need some of that Monkey Butt Powder when you get home…. wonder where you get that stuff?

#61 The RZR’s Edge (Fairgrounds)
This Thursday ride is for Polaris RZRs that are 50 inches or less wide. During the ride, machines and their drivers will make their way up Cove mountain, and then to the Gooseberry area via the Sand Ledges. Once there, lunch will be provided by the ride sponsors - Polaris and Gary’s Shoes of Richfield. From there, the ride will loop around through some of the beautiful Gooseberry trail system before heading to Koosharem and then back over Cove and home for the evening. The RZR ride is "Advanced" and limited to 40 riders. Its about 90 miles and remember - only RZRs that are 50 inches or less wide.

#62 Hoovers, Not Hooters (Fairgrounds)
Do you like crab? OK, how about burgers? Do you want regular fries or Hoover fries? These are some of the decisions you will have to make if you take this Friday ride south through the valley and weave your way down to Hoovers… (While driving in Boise Idaho and passing a new "Hooters" my grandson, Logan, informed his mom that he knew what that place was; "Gramps takes me there all the time" he said. After her initial shock it took his mom a minute to figure out that it’s Hoovers, not Hooters!) You’ll get to this renown eating establishment about noon; hope you will have made your decisions by then. The ride down and back is a little over 50 miles, is rated "Beginner" and has room for 30 riders. All machines; ATV, UTV and motorcycle are welcome.

#63 Rivers and Woods (Walmart)
This Tuesday ride has everything you want - a good long ride, three creeks and plenty of mountain scenery! The ride requires that you trailer to Monroe where the adventure will begin. Riders will travel from Monroe to the Deer Creek trailhead near Hoovers and then up onto and through the Tushars where you will go past and or through Fish Creek, Shingle Creek, and Dry Creek before coming off the mountain to Elsinore and back to Monroe. This ride is definitely "Advanced" for both the terrain and distance (about 105 miles) and is limited to machines that are 50" or less wide. The ride allows for up to 30 riders.

#64 Lost Creek (Walmart)
This is a route that Chief Black Hawk used to escape after the battle at Gravely Ford in June of 1866. Maybe that’s where the name "Lost Creek" comes from. This Thursday ride requires riders to trailer their machines to Salina just up the road. The ride will take riders up this Lost Creek escape route, and all the way to Lost Creek Reservoir. The ride will take a couple of challenging side trails that will require you to have 4-wheel drive. The ride is limited to machines 50" or less. It has been rated "Advanced" and has room for 30 riders.

#65 Sand Ledges (Fairgrounds)
This Tuesday ride is sponsored by Adams Outdoor Adventures and lunch will be provided on the trail. The ride will take riders from the Fairgrounds into areas traveled by Chief Black Hawk and other Native Americans. The ride will take a couple of challenging side trails that will require you to have 4-wheel drive. The ride is limited to machines 50" or less. It has been rated "Advanced" and has room for 30 riders.

#66 Big Rock and Back (City Park)
Yep, this is the longest ride offered at the Jamboree; logging in at 140 miles. Are you up to it? Only the hardiest and fool hearty need apply. This ride takes place on Tuesday and is sponsored by Barney Outdoor Outfitters. The ride leaves from the Fairgrounds and will make a quick stop at Barney’s where a few lucky riders will win a prize before heading out onto the trail. The ride then heads into the mountains and will arrive at Big Rock Candy Mountain around noon. A quick break for gas and they are off again, this time to the east and Monroe Mountain. There is no time for letting the grass grow, or stopping to smell too many roses. Bring along a lunch, but be prepared to eat it quickly. The ride is definitely rated "Advanced"; only allows 20 hearty riders, and is limited to 4 wheel drive machines 50" or less.

#67 Capitol Reef Special (Ogden’s)
Hell Hole, Velvet Ridges, Bicknell Bottoms, just a few of the places this ride will visit. This ride is held on Thursday and is sponsored by the Southern Utah OHV Association. Jerry Larsen will take the lead and show participants some of Utah’s best kept secrets with views that will knock your socks off, including Capitol Reef National Park, Boulder Mountain, Henry Mountain and some of the most remote canyon country in the nation. Spend a little time playing on the Velvet Ridges; an open riding area that simulates sand dunes that will get your adrenalin juices flowing. Participants will have to trailer their machines 75 miles to Torrey, but it’s worth the time and effort. There is room for 20 "Advanced" riders, and it’s open to units 50" or less. Jerry is a great guide and there will be a Southern Utah OHV Association giveaway.

#68 Up and OVER, AROUND and DOWN Ride (Fairgrounds)
This Thursday will leave directly from the Fairgrounds. This ride is a mixture of road and trail and will challenge good riders with some rough, twisty, and steep sections of trail. You’ll actually ride the old logging road onto Monroe Mountain and read interpretive stories about pioneer logging, mining, and livestock grazing. This ride is over 80 miles long and is sponsored by the Richfield Comfort Inn. The ride is rated "Advanced". It’s limited to machines 50" or less and there is room for 30 riders.

#69 Precipitous Journey (Richfield City Park)
"Holy Moly Batman!" If you’re brave enough to go on this one, you’ll be talking about it for a long, long time. It involves one very steep and challenging "Oh Crap" trail. This 50 mile ride takes you into Flat Canyon and then up that "precipitous" trail that gives this ride its name. We’ll finish with a trip around Indian Peak and back to Richfield. This Monday and Friday ride is for "Advanced" ATV riders, 4-wheel drive machines only 50" or less wide, and no riding double. There is room for 20 advanced riders. Pay attention and take notes, ‘cause you’ll want to tell the folks back home about this one.

#70 Parker Mountain Poke Along aka Antelope Extreme (IFA)
Visit the Parker Mountain and hopefully spot some antelope. If you have binoculars, or a spotting scope, you might want to bring it along. This 60 mile ride will end up at the Antimony Café for lunch, so have a few extra bucks along to tip the pretty waitress. The Wednesday ride is leisure and is open for machines of any size. You will have to trailer 40 miles to the Parker Mountain turnoff on Highway 24. The ride is rated as "Intermediate" and is open to 30 riders.

#71 Eagle Point (Home Depot)
This Thursday ride is sponsored by the Eagle Point resort, nestled in the beauty of the Tushar mountain range. The ride will trailer from Richfield to the Fremont Indian State Park and will begin by traveling up the Max Reid trail. Once on top, the ride travels along the Tushar mountain range to the south making its way to the Eagle Point where riders will enjoy lunch provided by the resort. This ride is "Advanced" in nature and allows for up to 20 riders. Because there are a few two track sections of trail, the ride is for machines that are 50" or less wide.

#72 Swizzlestick (City Park)
Leaving from the Richfield City Park, this Friday ride is sponsored by Amerigas of Richfield and is not for the faint of heart. The ride travels out of Richfield up Dairy Canyon through some of the system's most gnarly terrain. Once on top, you will make your way into Flat Canyon (which is anything but flat) and then south to a trail some of the locals call the "Razorback" with rocks that are a lot like the back of the ancient Stegosaurus. The ride then travels back north and comes down off the mountain on a steep section of downhill trail. This is a half day ride that finishes at Amerigas in Richfield where those who conquered the trail will be treated to hamburgers and all the fixins. This ride is only for the most "Advanced" riders and allows for up to 20 riders. Machines must be 50" or less.

#73 Five Miles of Yesteryear (Fairgrounds)
Years ago, locals considered it quite a feat to get any type of vehicle 5.1 miles up the road to the west of Richfield to a place called Little Valley. They were seen making their way into the hills on tote goats, small motorcycles and scooters - nothing like we have today. It is amazing what you can see along the way if you just take your time and enjoy the ride. This year, you can expect a great brunch cooked by your guide in a wok. This Friday ride allows for machines of all sizes but is limited to just 15 riders.

#74 Sheriff's Ride (City Park)
This ride will be held on Thursday during the week of the Jamboree and will give you the opportunity to ride with some of Sevier County's finest! The ride will be guided by the local Sheriff and some of his Deputies and will weave in and out of the local canyons before stopping at the gun range for a Dutch oven lunch and some shooting. The question is...can you outshoot the Sheriff? The ride is "Intermediate" and will allow for up to 25 riders. All machines are welcome - regardless of size but you must bring along your own shotgun and/or pistol as well as the ammunition.

#76 - GPS Qwest (Non Guided)
This non-guided ride is sponsored by Big O Tires of Richfield and will be held Monday. If you are up for testing your GPS skills on the Paiute Trail, this ride is for you. The ride will include GPS coordinates for 5 locations on the mountain west of Richfield - each containing a key word. Once you have found the sites and filled in the key words, bring the completed card back to the information booth at the Fairgrounds and you will be entered to win a set of four ATV tires from Big O that night at the opening dinner. There is no limit to the number of riders that can enjoy this ride and machines of all sizes are welcome. The ride is rated "Intermediate".

#77 - Butch Cassidy Special (Jorgensens)
Leaving from Circleville, this ride is offered on Tuesday and will allow you to ride back through time along the same canyons and ridges that Robert Leroy Parker, a.k.a. "Butch Cassidy," rode as a youth. Places like Wades Canyon, Buck Ridge, Rigger Park, Big Flat and Puffer Lake await your riding expertise. You will be required to trailer your ATV approximately 50 miles to Circleville. This ride has been rated "Advanced" and will challenge your riding skills. In addition, at the end of the ride you will have a chance to visit the boyhood home of Butch himself. Oh, bring your camera and a roll or two of film . . . we think you'll need it. This ride allows for 30 riders and is for machines that are 50" or less.

#80 - Gooseberry North (IFA)
This is the only ride on Monday that will trailer to a location outside of Richfield.  The ride will leave from IFA and make its way to the Gooseberry exit along Interstate 70.  From there, it will take in the trails that make up the north side of the Gooseberry system.  Bring along a lunch, a camera, and a healthy appetite for riding.  The ride is limited to 30 individuals, is for “Advanced” riders and is for machines that are 50" wide or less.