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Resource Festival and Career Day!
Mark your calendar for Thursday, April 4th!

This one-of-a-kind Festival is a fun event to inform children and the community about careers and natural resources and to teach respect for our land, our trees and vegetation, our air, our water, our wildlife, etc. The Festival offers a wide variety of educational exhibits in the areas of archaeology to zoology.

The Festival is fun for all ages. It is open to all students. Please tailor your exhibit to be of interest to a variety of ages. Expect 1,500 total Festival attendees. The most popular booths are those offering fun, hands-on activities or those featuring unusual exhibits.

The Festival is held at the Sevier Valley Center located next to Snow College South, 800 West 200 South, Richfield. Indoor and outdoor exhibit space is available. The event is open to students 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 4th.

Indoor exhibits have one 8' table and two chairs provided per 10’x10’ booth. Professional pipe and draping are included. Exhibitors needing more space can sign up for a 10’x20’ booth. Outdoor exhibitors have more space flexibility. Access to water must be arranged for in advance.

The Festival does not provide materials or equipment for any booth (i.e. extension cords, computers, etc.). Gaffer’s tape is required to hang anything on the walls and will be provided.

You may not sell any commercial products or services. Your exhibit may not involve any activity that could be considered “high risk.” No weapons or ammunition (other than law enforcement personnel). No political agenda.

If you would like to register online, just click here.   

For additional questions, please contact Jennifer Christensen (435)201-6120 
or Jill Ivie at (435) 896-1573.