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2019 FAQs
What are the dates for the 2019 Jamboree?
The dates for the 2018 Jamboree are the 16th through the 20th of September. As a general rule, the Jamboree begins two weeks following the Labor Day holiday.

What is the fee to participate in the Jamboree?
The fee is $100 per person - both drivers and passengers.  The fee includes five days of guided rides, dinners on Monday,Wednesday, and Friday, continental breakfast Tuesday through Friday mornings, an official Jamboree T-shirt, entry into the prize drawings and more.  Please note that after September 10, 2018, the rider and passenger fee will increase to $125.

What is the difference between a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced ride?

Beginner: These rides are almost wholly on dirt roads in the Paiute system. Some of the beginner rides may include short moderately steep sections or switchbacks.

Intermediate: Intermediate rides generally include some road and ATV trail portions with some steep, rough or challenging trails. A ride may also be intermediate in nature due to its length.

Advanced: Advanced rides will generally include portions that are steep, rough, and otherwise difficult to maneuver. In some cases, rides are listed as advanced because of the length of the ride.  

Can I get a refund or registration fees?
We understand that it may not always be possible to join us for the Jamboree even after you have registered. Under the refund policy, $10.00 from each registration is non-refundable. $90.00 Before September 1st after September 1st $50.00. 

Are there any places to Dry Camp?
There are two areas that are popular for dry camping during the Jamboree. The first is an open field behind the Comfort Inn hotel on the south end of Richfield. There is a small fee to camp behind the hotel.  Please call 435-893-0119 for information about the area behind the Comfort Inn.  The second area past the freeway on the north end of town (exit 40 on I-70). This area is BLM land and there is no fee to camp but it is a bit more removed. Dry camping will NOT be available at the Sevier County Fairgrounds.

Can I bring my Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) on the rides?
The Jamboree offers rides that allow for ATVs or UTVs that are wider than 50 inches. The ride descriptions section indicates those rides that can accommodate wider vehicles.  

What if I have a UTV that is 50 inches wide?
Any ATV or UTV that is 50 inches or less at the maximum width of the machine (including tires and aftermarket items) is allowed on any ride listed as part of the Jamboree.  We strongly recommend, however, that you check with your guide prior to the ride and get some information as to the what to expect along the trail.

Do I have to wear a helmet?
Nearly every year, lives are saved during the Jamboree because individuals wear helmets. We urge all riders to use helmets properly while on rides during the Jamboree. Utah State Law, however, does not require helmets for individuals 18 and over. In other words, please wear a helmet.

Can I bring my dog?
There are no state laws that prohibit taking your dog along with you on your rides. We strongly recommend, however, that riders with dogs only take “Beginner” rides. Also, please be courteous by picking up after your animal and keeping it on a leash. Please note that while there are local veterinary facilities that do board dogs, they generally do not open prior to rides leaving town and generally close before the ride returns.

What is the weather like during the Jamboree?
It is important to be prepared for any and all weather types. In most years, riders experience some rain and even snow while on the trail. Regardless of precipitation, the elevation changes over most of the rides will result in dramatic changes in temperature during each ride. Please ride prepared!

Where do I go to get my credentials at the opening of the Jamboree?
Those who are in Richfield on Saturday the 15th of September may want to take advantage of the early bird credential pick up from Noon to 5:00 pm that afternoon at the Fairgrounds. You may also pick up credentials at the Fairgrounds on the Monday morning of the Jamboree from 7:00 AM to 8:15 AM.

What do I do if one of my rides is cancelled prior to or during the Jamboree?
On occasion, because of either a low number of riders or trail conditions a ride will be cancelled or combined with another ride. The Jamboree will make efforts to notify those riders whose rides have been cancelled or combined with another ride prior to the Jamboree so as to allow riders to make necessary adjustments.

Can I ride in town during the Jamboree?
There are a number of streets in each town in central Utah that are considered “ATV Friendly”. Because of the number of riders in Richfield during the week of the Jamboree, local law enforcement is somewhat more lenient as to riding in town. It is our recommendation, however, that riders do their best to stay on the generally approved routes as much as possible.

Can I ride double on the Jamboree?
Utah State Law does not prohibit riding double. We have found cases, however, where individuals have not been prepared for the length of the rides while riding double on their machine. Please be sure to have the necessary equipment that will make double riding both safe and enjoyable.

Can I switch rides after registration?
Anytime prior to September 9th,2019, rides can be switched by calling our office at 1-435-893-0457 or via e-mail at .