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Austin Special Service District for Water

Austin Community Special Service District

The Sevier County Commission created the Austin Community Special Service District on
February 5 1982 as necessity requires the construction of culinary water improvements in the Austin area.  The initial board of five members was appointed by the County Commission. The board is tasked to provide within the area with a culinary water system.  The Board Members are responsible for the planning, operation and maintenance of the water system. Board members must be registered voters within the district boundaries or an employee of the county.  Board members will serve for 2 years.  After the initial board serves all new boad members should be elected through a specific election process

Current Members                                          Term Expires
John Burgham, Vice Chair  ,                          December 2015
George Jensen                                             December 2015
Ronald Hamblin  Chairman                            December 2013
Cal Baker                                    December 2013
Koami DeLange, Treasurer                            December 2013

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 if you would like to be considered for an appointment to this board. Normally the Board is elected, but occasionally if there are no candidates for the seats on the board appointments are made.