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Sevier County Drainage District #1 Venice

Sevier County Drainage District Board Venice

A drainage district is a quasi-public agency with legal authority over the finance, design, installation, operation and maintenance of drains for drainage of farm lands. Under drainage district law, land ownership within the district is required for membership and participation in district activities. District taxation creates capital finances through the issue and sale of district bonds for drain installation and maintenance.

A board of three supervisors constitutes the governing body of a drainage district. Supervisors are appointed by county commissioners, after nomination by landowners at an annual meeting or by a petition signed by landowners. A president, secretary and treasurer are elected by the district supervisor. In some cases, the offices of secretary and treasurer are filled by a single individual.

Sevier County Drainage District #1 (Venice) 85 W. Center, Venice, UT 84701
Current Members                                          Term Expires
Ivan Cowley, President                                 At County Discretion
Garn Christensen, Vice President              At County Discretion
Sheldon Buchanan, Sec/Treas                    At County Discretion

If you are interested in serving on this board please contact landowners to get nominated at an annual meeting or by a petition signed by landowners then you name will be forwarded to the County Commission for appointment.