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Sevier County Weed Management Board

Sevier County Weed Management Board

The County Commission appoints a five person Weed Board to oversee weed control issues and advise the Weed Department in carrying out their responsibilities.

The purpose of the Weed Department is to manage all State and County Noxious Weeds and assist the residents of Sevier County, where possible, with their noxious weed concerns. The Weed Department can help identify noxious and invading weeds and in many cases assist in controlling them too.

Weed control is a big job! The costs of weed control can be enormous. However the cost of not controlling weeds carries an even larger price. Most noxious weeds are non-native plants that have been intentionally or accidentally introduced into the United States. These noxious weeds find empty niches and compete aggressively for available resources. Some costly problems include: Reducing crop yields, reducing livestock forage, limiting recreational opportunities, reducing wildlife habitat, displacing native vegetation, increasing soil erosion, altering soil and water quality and many more problems.

Sevier County Weed Board
Current Members                   Term               Term Expires
Garn Christensen, Richfield  2 Years Dec 2014
Eric Tuft, Monroe 2 Years Dec 2014
Dustin Christensen, Richfield 4 Years Dec 2016
Keith Hampton, Redmond 4 Years Dec 2016
Daryl Noyes, Salina 4 Years Dec 2016

Click here if you would like to be considered for an appointment to this board.