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Sevier County Travel Council

The Sevier County Travel Council

The Sevier County Travel Council’s main purpose is to promote tourism and travel to Sevier County.  The council members are appointed by the Sevier County Commission.  The council is comprises of lodging property operators, restaurant operators or those involved in other travel or tourism related businesses

The funding for the travel council efforts and the activities they promote comes from a motel room tax and restaurant tax. The Council recommends to the County Commission what events they should help fund and at what level the funding should be.  They also recommend how to use the advertizing dollars.

Sevier County Travel Council
Current Members                                                      Term Expires
Joseph Anderson (Sevier Valley Center)               At County Discretion
Scott Christensen (Blackhawk Arena)                    At County Discretion
Buffy Brown (Holiday Inn Express)                          At County Discretion
Lee Couch (Royal Inn)                                              At County Discretion
Krista Hyer (Denny's Restaurant)                            At County Discretion
Lee Crysel (Butch Cassidy CG)                              At County Discretion
Brenda Hales (Super 8 Salina)                               At County Discretion
Jordan Shumway (Comfort Inn)                               At County Discretion
Bob Hanover (Fremont Indian Park)                       At County Discretion
Kyle Reid (Hampton Inn)                                          At County Discretion
Jason Pettingill (Fairfield Inn)                                  At County Discretion
Scott Palmer (Comfort Inn)     At County Discretion
Bret Ross (Frontier Village)     At County Discretion
Paula Martin (Fair Grounds)     At County Discretion
Gordon Topham (Commission Representative)   At County Discretion

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