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Sevier Fairgrounds Advisory Council
Sevier County Fairgrounds Advisory Council

The Fairgrounds Advisory Council is appointed by the County Commission and is comprised of people representing most of the different types of fairground uses.

Built in 2009, the Sevier County Fairgrounds Multi-Use Facility hosts a number of events including the Sevier County Fair, Livestock Shows and Auctions, outdoor and indoor concerts, business meetings, parties, banquets, reunions, horse races, horse shows, rodeos, circuses, agriculture conferences, 4x4 rock crawl competitions, and much more!

The facility continues to grow in popularity with many new events each year. Sevier County is centrally located in the state, making it easier for folks to attend meetings and gatherings without having to travel too far.

Sevier County Fairgrounds Council

Current Members                                                 Term Term Expire
Clint Johnson     (Stock Show)         2 Years      December 31, 2012
Max White        (Rodeo)                 2 Years      December 31, 2012
Don Sudweeks   (Recreation Riding)  2 Years      December 31, 2012
Tooter Ogden    (Commission)         4 Years      December 31, 2016
Chad Anderson   (At-Large)            2 Years      December 31, 2012
Linda Reynolds   (At- Large)            2 Years     December 31, 2012
Chip Gleave       (Lion's Club)          4 Years      December 31, 2014
Dr. Utley           (Horse Racing)      4 Years       December 31, 2014
Paula Martin       (Fair)                  4 Years      December 31, 2014
Rebecca Mills     (4-H, Youth Act.)  4 Years      December 31, 2014
Scott Christensen (At-Large)         4 Years       December 31, 2014 

Click here if you would like to be considered for an appointment to this council.