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Information about County Boards & Committees
Sevier County has several Boards, Commissions, Committees, and Councils. Some of these organizations are appointed by the County Commission, others are elected or part of the responsibilities of an elected official. If you would like to learn more about these organizations, their members, and how to be considered for an appointment.  Please click on an organization listed below.

Sevier County Special Service District #1 for County Roads

Sevier County Special Service District #2 for Economic Development

Sevier County Municipal Building Authority

Sevier County Board of Adjustments

Sevier County Board of Equilizations

Sevier County Planning and Zoning Commission

Sevier County Employees Accident Revierw Board

Sevier County Economic Development Board

Sevier County Fairgrounds Advisory Council

Sevier County Fair Committee

Sevier County Travel Council

Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree Committee

Sevier County Weed Management Board

Sevier County Drainage District #1 Venice

Sevier County Drainage District #4 Aurora

Austin Special Service District for Culinary Water

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