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Useful Resources
Utah GIS Portal
The Utah GIS Portal (state mapping division) offers Sevier County shapefiles. Below are some datasets available on this site:
  • Elevation maps - Contour
  • Energy maps- Coal, oil, and gas
  • FEMA Flood Plain Map (work in process)
  • Geoscience - Fault lines and liquefaction
  • GIS layer information maps
  • Indices maps - Naip, Quads, and U.S. Geological Service topographical
  • Location maps - Cemeteries, schools, and jail location
  • Meter maps
  • Municipality maps
  • Parcel maps (work in process)
  • PLSS section, township, and range maps
  • Political maps - Voting districts, precincts, and census
  • Transportation maps - Airports, roads, and historical railroad
  • Water maps - Watersheds, streams, lakes, and rivers