Tax Sale

About the Sale
Generally held each year in May, a tax sale is when the county sells parcels of land that are five years delinquent in the payment of taxes due. The bidding begins at the amount of taxes, penalties, interest, and administrative fees due. The Sevier County Tax Sale is held online at
The Sevier County Tax Sale is advertised in the Richfield Reaper for four weeks prior to the sale. View a list of delinquent properties that will be available at the sale or contact the Clerk / Auditor's Office at (435) 893-0401 after April 3rd.

Additional Information
  • Read Ordinance 2022-2-8 Establishing Policies and Procedures to conduct Tax Sales.
  • Delinquent property may be redeemed on behalf of the recorded owner by any person at any time prior to the final Tax Sale. Properties redeemed prior to the sale do not change ownership.  
  • Bidders are required to register prior to bidding on the parcels for sale at
  • There is no financing available through Sevier County or  
  • All properties sold during the Tax Sale shall be conveyed by tax deed within 30 days after the bids are ratified by the County Commission.
  • Any parcels unsold at the Tax Sale shall become property of Sevier County.
  • Any sale funds in excess of the amount for delinquent taxes, penalties, interest, and administrative fees will be treated as unclaimed property and forwarded to the State Treasurer under Utah Code Title 67.