Obtaining a Building Permit

Work That Requires a Permit
No building shall be erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, converted, or demolished unless a permit for each project has been obtained from the Sevier County Building Department. Failure to obtain the necessary permit prior to beginning work will result in an investigation fee being added to the cost of the permit fee. The investigation fee will be the same as the permit fee, and you will still be charged for the permit (double fee).

Click on a link below to obtain a building permit or schedule an inspection.
 Building Permit Application  Schedule Building Inspection

Applicable Downloadable Forms
Glenwood Town Zoning Permit
Municipality Zoning Permit (Incorporated Cities/Towns)
Monroe City Zoning Permit
Owner Builder Form
Road Encroachment and Addressing Permit
Unincorporated Area Signature Sheet
Richfield City Zoning Permit