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Jamboree Vendor Application

  1. The Rocky Mountain Jamboree must have an application on file in order for a business or organization to participate as a vendor or sponsor during the Jamboree. Vendors and Sponsors will be accepted on a first signed up - first served basis. There are no alcoholic beverages are allowed at the Sevier County Fairgrounds at anytime day or night. Personal vehicles will be allowed into the vendor area for the purpose of unloading and loading your materials. Once unloaded, your vehicle must be removed from the vendor area. Sevier County and the Rocky Mountain Jamboree reserve the right to terminate the sale of any item or prevent any activity at any time the committee, in its sole discretion, deems it inappropriate, undesirable, or lacking in quality. Sevier County and the Rocky Mountain Jamboree reserve the right to terminate the sponsorship of any business or organization if it is deemed that the conduct of that business or individual is inappropriate or harmful to the event, its staff, volunteers or participants. Applicants are responsible for the collection and payment or all sales taxes as well as all other taxes and assessments attributable to the applicant’s activities. Each vendor, regardless of items sold or information distributed, will be assigned a temporary tax number as issued by the state of Utah. The granting of a permit to exhibit does not constitute an exclusive license or permit. I also agree that any photos or video taken of my during the Rocky Mountain Jamboree, its rides or events may be used by Sevier County to advertise and promote the Jamboree.

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